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City of Dayton, Minnesota

12260 South Diamond Lake Road Dayton, Minnesota 55327
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The City of Dayton Finance Department oversees the financial aspects of the day-to-day operations of the City. Every effort is made to carry out these duties in a manner that efficiently and effectively serves the residents of Dayton. Expanding and enhancing the City's financial system to comply with Federal, State, and regional mandates. This process will require a refinement of the policies and procedures in place to ensure that the City will account for transactions in the most transparent and track able method, allowing the financial statement readers the ability to clearly follow the flow of the public funds and expenditures.

Jackie Thoennes - Finance Clerk

More Specific Duties Include:

  • Manage city finances and generate reports for City Council and department directors.
  • Process payroll.
  • Vendor claims; account receivable and account payable.
  • Secures appropriate insurance coverage.
  • Manage city investments.
  • Work to establish public-private partnerships in terms of service delivery. Copyright 2011, City of Dayton, Minnesota, USA
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