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City of Dayton, Minnesota

12260 South Diamond Lake Road Dayton, Minnesota 55327
(763) 427-4589
fax (763) 427-3708


The mission of the Administration Department is to build and sustain outstanding municipal operations, both internally and in service to our public, other agencies and those who do business with the City; to be responsive and informative, insuring that issues are addressed and resolved professionally, comprehensively and equitably; and, provide the highest level of communication to all our stakeholders so that the City’s message and actions are known and explained.

Dayton is a statutory city and operates as a Plan A municipality with a City Administrator who is responsible for the day-to-day management of all City Departments and operations. The Administration Department consists of the following divisions and Staff members:

Sandra Borders - City Clerk

Sandra is responsible for the City’s recordkeeping official file management, elections, special assessment searches, recycling activities and Council agenda preparation.

Debbie Maveus - Administrative Secretary

Debbie is responsible for many front-counter activities such as water/sewer payments, building, water and sewer permits as well as administrative activities. Copyright 2011, City of Dayton, Minnesota, USA
(763) 427-4589 | fax (763) 427-3708 |
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